Last walk of 2016: Scrabo revisited

Last walk of 2016: Scrabo revisited

We had 15 at Suburban for coffee pre–walk where Eleanor looked after us (and gave us lovely shortbread). Thankfully the rain eased for our short 3k walk around the Scrabo quarries. No matter when we go there, there’s always something new to learn and this time it was a short word from Leslie about a certain spot (now mostly overgrown) where he used to play football and how his Scout troop had their summer meeting in the Quarries. How nostalgic is that!

Then it was back to Bangor for our Christmas Lunch at the Esplanade. – lovely meal and great craic. Thank you Heather for arranging it.

Our next outing on 7th January is to Lough Shannagh in the Mournes. Meet at 8. 30am in the Church car park.


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