The Fairy Glen – Just a perfect day

The Fairy Glen – Just a perfect day

Just a perfect day

Problems left all alone

Weekenders on our own…’

Whatever or wherever inspired Lou Reed it couldn’t have been more perfect than Saturday 3 November when the Walkers visited The Fairy Glen in Rostrevor.

The car journey from Newry to Warrenpoint and Rostrevor was indeed inspiring. A panorama framed by purple mountains, layers of autumn colours and sunlight reflecting on Carlingford. Magic!

Twenty–one gathered in Kilbroney Park, donned our boots and headed for the Kilbroney River. Off upstream for about a kilometre on an enchanted path paved by autumn leaves with shafts of sunlight penetrating the baring branches of oak and beech and sycamore. Then into grassy fields and over a stone wall into Rostrevor Forest where we meet and chat with a group of local walkers. Climbing gradually through the forest we’re surrounded by conifers, standing and blown by the recent storms, and make way for families of mountain bikers, renew acquaintances and conversations, all the time gradually going upwards.

It’s time for lunch! Across a wooden bridge and down to a picnic area. Suddenly, when we stop, it turns cold. Woolly hats and gloves appear and we are glad to get our return journey underway.

Back downwards through the wood gives a different perspective. One hundred and one chats break out as we divide and sub divide. We reach Kilbroney Park again and it’s time to talk about our essential coffee stop.

What a find! The former Rostrevor Methodist Church, now a coffee shop and bistro. Built in 1901 as a memorial to the Rev John Gilcriest it always had a very small congregation. We sit on the original pews taking in the loveliness of our surroundings and the cappuccino and lemon tart are yummy!

It’s time to go. Darkness gathers on the road as we pass Loughbrickland and Dromore. Then Bangor again, safely home.

As Lou said

Oh, such a perfect day

I’m glad I spent it with you…’

Our next walk on 9th December is the last of the year. It is followed by lunch at 1.30 for 2pm in Royal Ulster Yacht Club. We take the 9.27 train to Helen’s Bay and walk via Crawfordsburn Country Park cafe to Bangor.


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