The Walkers in the ‘Queen of the Glens’

The Walkers in the ‘Queen of the Glens’


No wonder it has that title. It is probably the most imposing of the nine glens of Antrim and the Scenic Trail gave us a varied and fascinating view of Glenariff and its two rivers, the Glenariff and the Inver. The recent dry spell meant that the waterfalls weren’t quite as spectacular as normal but stunning nevertheless.


Glenariff waterfall

Our group of fourteen met several walkers on the high part of the trail and even more on the Waterfall Walk. We started at the Visitor Centre in a slight drizzle which soon died out, and did the walk in reverse, wending our way gently ever higher to the peaty moorland at the head of the glen. You get great views down the Glen and across the North Channel to the Mull of Kintyre. From there we traversed the opposite east side of the very obviously glaciated valley, and made our way down the old iron ore railway track bed, through the forest and down the river gorge, ending up eventually at our lunch stop at Laragh Lodge. This used to be a favourite destination with Victorian tourists who would take the old Ballymena, Cushendall and Red Bay (later to become the Belfast and Northern Counties), to Parkmore, from where they would take a carriage to the top of the Glen, walk down to Laragh Lodge, for refreshment and then proceed by carriage down to the Coast Road from where they would head to Larne for the train back to Belfast.

From there we took the Waterfall Walk, an 80 year old stepped track (fortunately upgraded) back to the car park.


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