Bible Comes To Life Exhibition

Bible Comes To Life Exhibition


Bible Comes to Life is an interactive exhibition which is being hosted in St Columbanus between Wednesday 28th and Saturday 1st December 2018. It introduces key elements of Jewish life, culture and religion from the Hebrew Scriptures and helps place the roots of Christianity in their original social and spiritual context.


It brings together a rich collection of historic artefacts and models to form an educational display which has informed and impressed children of all ages and all faiths throughout the UK. A simple but unique audio–visual experience, effective illustration is the aim of Bible Comes to Life.

The centre–piece is a spectacular 3m x 2m recreation of the Jewish Temple in the time of Jesus. LED lighting helps to explain the various ‘courts’ or sections of Jerusalem’s ancient seat of worship and there’s even a smoking altar to add to the effect!


Other exhibits include a 2m x 1m scale model of the Desert Tabernacle with illustrative coverings, ritual furniture and animals. To convey a sense of “Jewish life” we have a collection of, among other items, Sabbath candlesticks, bread, Jewish prayer shawls, phylacteries, a Passover plate and mezuzah (door post blessings).

Also key to Bible Comes to Life is an array of Middle Eastern clothing with individual garments up to 150 years old. Where practical, children are encouraged to try on the costumes.

The exhibition is laid out in six stations, each with its own costumed guide. These guides perform a series of impromptu character or costume–themed Bible talks (eg The Shepherd, The Tribal Leader, The Middle Eastern Bride) and the idea is that the children move around the exhibition station to station, in pre organized groups of up to 90 children per session. Primary sessions are in the morning, Secondary in the afternoon. Souvenir worksheets for the children will be provided.


Jewish figure Jewish figure Jewish figure




While all our objects are displayed with fact sheets and explanatory notes, our approach is multi–sensory throughout. Our aim is to give all visitors a memorable educational insight into the Biblical world of the Hebrew and New Testament scriptures which continue to shape so much of our culture and thinking.

Jewish artefact

Jewish artefact Jewish artefact


Working closely with churches, schools, youth leaders and children’s workers, Bible Comes to Life offers a taste of the Biblical Middle East which can readily be incorporated within the framework of local teaching programmes or curriculums. The exhibition is equally effective as an exploration of Judaism referencing Biblical Festivals, worship ritual, and the Bible narrative of the Jewish people, or as a study of early Christianity and its links to Judaism.

The exhibition is staffed by members of The Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People – CMJ, an Anglican mission society that has been active since 1809. The entire team (based in Nottingham) are child protection checked and led by Paul and Janey Hames who lived in Jerusalem for five years and have wide experience in working with churches, prayer groups, students and young people.

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