A Bull Run for the Walkers at Adders Loanin!

A Bull Run for the Walkers at Adders Loanin!


The first day of Autumn turned out to be a splendid sunny warm one. Fourteen of us gathered at the Lighthouse Car Park (why Lighthouse?) for the start of our five and a half mile walk on Adders Loanin and the Moat Pad. A Loanin is a lane or open space between cultivated fields through which cattle are driven – there are lots all over County Down.

From the car park there is a fantastic view of the Mournes but we were unlucky not to see the famed Red Kites which breed in the area

The walk took us through grassy lanes, farm tracks and even farm yards and along country roads. This area around Slieve Croob is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and well deserved of its status.

We had an interesting time passing a field in which there was a very hefty looking bull. That bull definitely didn’t like us and followed us down the field beside the lane making a great noise!

A visit to the Finnis Souterrain after lunch proved a challenge for most of us but four did venture inside this interesting underground site dating from around the 9th Century which comprised one main passage with two side passages off. It was lit by solar lighting but we had brought torches anyway. It is thought they were used as food stores in times of strife. We confess that only four of us, Robert, Leslie, Willie and Heather ventured inside. It required a great deal of stooping and bending but they did come out again!

Our next walk on October 6th is on the Newry Canal towpath from Poyntzpass to Scarva and back – six miles.


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