Beautiful Mountstewart

Beautiful Mountstewart

The accurate forecast allowed the thirteen strong group to complete the two walks organized by Peter in the Mountstewart Estate in early October before the deluge. A warm welcome to new member George.

We started with a combination of the Red Trail from the Caravan entrance, and the Blue Trail. They cover a rich landscape of farmland, woodland, monuments and buildings including the Folly which we thought may be a chapel but having checked, the experts think it is more likely to be a ruined summer house. The cottage ruins are on a mound which is located in a small river valley known as the Glen. The stream loops around the south of the mound beside the path and there are many tall beech trees on both sides of this path. The trees are mature, possibly 200–300 years old.

We passed the late 12th century Norman Motte which was rescued in 2017 by 110 volunteers from beneath dense scrubby woodland. It is in a part of the estate which was acquired three years ago.

Lunch was at picnic tables in the woodland play area near the Temple of the Winds. Some people had to leave after lunch, but eight of us walked past the lake to the recently constructed red squirrel hide. After a quiet 10 minutes, during which no squirrels appeared at the feeding station, we returned to the cafe to enjoy refreshments and a discussion on current affairs. As we reached the car park to return home, the forecast rain began in earnest.

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