Restoration 2016

Ballyholme Parish Church Back in 2009 as a Parish we engaged in a consultation exercise to consider what we might need to do to keep our work and worship relevant in the twenty–first century. A number of key questions were considered about how we might reach out to the wider community, including young people and the elderly, and how we might draw them increasingly into our Parish community.

One of the key questions we considered concerned our church building and how it might need to be enhanced to best serve the needs of the years ahead.

From this the Restoration project was formed which aims to improve our church building to address matters of

A feasibility study in 2012 resulted in a twofold proposal which would essentially involve

For various reasons, it was decided to split the work into the two phases above.

Work began on the church restoration (phase 1) in May 2016, and was scheduled to continue until November 2016. During this period our Sunday Services were held in St Columbanus College, Ballymaconnell Road.

On these web pages you can read about the progress we have made down this road, and how you can become involved.