Personal Prayer inspired by the Blessing


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Churches sing ‘The Blessing’ over the UK

He is with us

God the Father who made me and forgave me,
God the Son who taught me and bought me,
God the Spirit who leads me and feeds me.

In the morning…

Stuff to sort. Things to do.
Lord, before it all starts up again, You are You…

I remember in these moments, Father,
the ones I will spend the rest of today forgetting:
those who can’t work or who have no job to go to…

those who graft and toil but barely seem to manage…

those who would in every way
be grateful for my life…

Thankful for those I love at home and Church,
bless Lord Jesus those others far away,
where life is hard.
I pray for those
who have asked me to pray for them…

But also for those who have no one to pray for them,
and who will spend this day
in sickness, pain, worry or sorrow…

For myself, Holy Spirit, whatever comes today,
may I show others the grace You have shown to me.
And, when I tell myself I don’t need You,
pick me up, dust me down,
show me Your way and give me Your words…


Every day I will thank you
I will praise you for ever and ever.
Psalm 145 v 2

In the evening…

Free–time, me–time, time ‘to be’ time.
Lord, time at last for Thee time.

Forgive me Father
for the gifts I’ve missed today:
the quietness I’ve filled with noise,
the stillness I’ve filled with activity,
the pauses I’ve filled with thoughts of what’s next.

In the now of this moment, risen Lord Jesus,
You are here.
May I speak with You, rather than at You,
and open my soul to Your gentle word of truth…

Shaking off what is left of today
and shutting out what can wait till tomorrow,
grant that I may rest in Your care and keeping.

Then waken me, Holy Spirit, to serve you afresh,
with Your peace in my heart, Your love on my lips,
and Your plan and purpose clear before my eyes…


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