Care & the Community

Our church considers that looking after the elderly, housebound or vulnerable in our community is a clear priority. The volunteers who perform this arm of pastoral care work hard to foster a sense of community In Ballyholme Parish. A 45 strong team led by Karen Baker regularly visits elderly parishioners at home or in residential /nursing homes.

We believe it is vital that our elderly parishioners are not forgotten. Our visitors offer the gift of time and friendship which means so much to those who are lonely.

Being part of our visitors team is very worthwhile and enjoyable. There is always room for more people on board as our elderly numbers increase each year. Please consider joining us if you have an hour or so to spare each month. We have a passion for serving others and we extend an opportunity to you to serve in our community.

If you know of anyone in Ballyholme who would benefit from a short visit by the team please contact Karen through the Parish Office on 028 9127 4912 or by email.