Rainbow Guides

Rainbows The Rainbow Guides meet on a Tuesday 4.30 – 5.30 pm in the Parish centre.

Rainbow Guides are the youngest section of the Guide Association. Girls can start at age 4 and stay until they are 7. For meetings the girls wear a blue tabard or the new red tracksuit and hat.

When a Rainbow Guide makes a simple Promise, she will receive a metal enrolment badge to wear on her uniform. During her time with us, she will also do badge work. To get one badge each Rainbow has to complete four tasks picked from the Rainbow Roundabout Mat. The Rainbow Mat is sectioned off in four parts – Look, Learn, Laugh, Love. Each section has ten activities to choose from and the girls will decide together, which one they should do.

The meetings are fun and we usually do craft one week and play games the next and sometimes we have people come in to talk to us about various subjects. We also read stories regularly and have a Hallowe’en party, Christmas party with Santa and Parents’ Day to end our term for the Summer.

To find out more about Rainbow Guides in Ballyholme ring Christine Rankin on
07867 386718 or  contact the Parish Office on 028 9127 4912

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