Squirrels Meet every Friday (Term Time) from 6pm – 7pm in the Parish Centre.

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Prompt drop off and pick up is appreciated.

The Northern Ireland Squirrel Association is an organisation for children aged 4–6 years old, we are an inclusive organisation.

Please note that 3rd Bangor Squirrels is very popular and has a long waiting list. The waiting list operates on a ‘first come first serve’ basis to ensure fairness. The leaders feel this is the fairest system to operate, as some parents have had their child’s name down for over 2 years. So, as a child turns 4 and a space becomes available, that space will be allocated to the child whose name has been on the list for the longest time.

Please keep leaders updated on any change of contact telephone numbers or email address, as we have had a few children miss out on spaces because telephone numbers have changed or there has been no answer machine facility.

Please note that there is no preference given to children who attend St. Columbanus Church or children who attend Tiddliwinks preschool.

All children are required to wear a uniform which consists of the following:

Please ensure that all clothing/ water bottles/ coats etc all are clearly labelled.

It is amazing what gets left behind on a Friday night and remains unclaimed.

The Squirrel fees for the Year 2019/2020 are £70 per child (£65 per child if you have two children in 3rd Bangor Scout Group etc). Fees can be paid by cash or cheque, we are currently working on introducing electronic payments.

If you are interested in joining 3rd Bangor Squirrels please email: 3rdbangorsquirrels@gmail.com

Registered with the Charity Commision for Northern Ireland NIC100541

For further information about Squirrels please contact squirrelinfo@scoutsni.org

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